Soul Searching and Singing Crackers

I have really been wanting to share the awesome discoveries that my barely four year old granddaughter has been making.  Conversations with Aria are always so hilarious, yet mind-blowing at the same time, because she just seems to “get” things.  Anyway, I thought it was pretty timely that Pastor Ross spoke on child-like faith Sunday morning, since I am reminded of that type of faith every time I have a conversation with my grandchildren.  A few weeks ago Caitlin was sharing with me about how Aria wanted to know where Jesus is, since it was obvious that Christmas was about his coming to earth.  After being told that he had gone back to Heaven, she put two and two together and realized that he had died.  “But…..I didn’t want him to dooo that!!!!”  So Caitlin explained why he died and that he didn’t stay dead; which at that point, Aria’s Easter memories must have kicked in, because she put two and two together again and realized Jesus rose from the dead.  She felt much less devastated after that.

Fast forward a couple weeks and Caitlin tells me that they had been listening to a song about the “soul.”  Naturally, Aria wanted to know what a “soul” was.  Caitlin told me she wasn’t exactly sure how to explain it to her.  So I looked at Aria and said, “Nana knows what your soul is.  It’s the part inside you that nobody can see;  it’s what makes you “you.”  Your body is the outside Aria that we all see and touch, but your soul is the inside Aria.  The real Aria.”  She looks at me with her huge, blue eyes and says, “Is it in my belly?”  Trying to keep from laughing, I put my hand on her chest and said, “No, I think it’s somewhere around here.  By your heart.”  Slightly in awe by this point, she looks up at me and says, “Nana, I can feel it beating!”

Who says that four year olds aren’t old enough to understand spiritual things?  I have a feeling that most four year olds understand better than most of us adults.

However, as serious as this child can be, she still has that goofy side of her personality that just cracks me up.  Like when her mom told me they were practicing Christmas carols and Aria started making up new versions.  I’m not sure that “Hark, the Herald Crackers Sing will ever catch on.  Silly girl. 🙂

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